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About Krushi Chang

Krushi Chang harvesters is a joint venture between the KAW Group India (Kolhapur Auto Works ) and Chang Tractors Thailand. Both companies joined hands to provide the best of the Agricultural Harvesting equipment and machinery to the Farmers and customers globally. Fifteen years ago, Mr. Jakrit Thongpairoj or “Mr. Chang”, a visionary and owner/founder of the company Chang tractors has invented and developed agricultural equipment and machines under the brand name "Chang" in Thailand. KAW Group - With 6 decades of passionate, customer oriented approach, we have unrivalled expertise across Manufacturing, Automotive, Export, Leasing, Agriculture in Kolhapur, India. It all started as The Kolhapur Auto Works by its founders, late Mahadba Mestri & Panditrao Shelke in 1962. Today, we have constantly pushed the boundaries in our capacity to achieve the highest standards. We address every aspect of the business by maintaining extreme professionalism and persistence.

We at Krushi-Chang Harvesters are committed to provide affordable, easy to use and state of the art agricultural machinery to all of our customers globally through our Channel partners and Dealers. With our combined Manufacturing experience of over 70 years and having our manufacturing/assembly facilities in Thailand and India ,Krushi- Chang harvesters is fully committed towards providing the highest quality of Machinery thus enabling the farmers to get the maximum output.

We offer multitude products such as Sugarcane Harvester, Sugarcane leaf cutter, Sugarcane loader that undergo rigorous testing and Quality control checks before getting delivered to our various Stakeholders. Our product line up consists of Sugarcane Harvesters, Sugarcane leaf cutters, Sugarcane loaders which all go through rigorous testing and quality control check before they are delivered to our Farmers / Customers.

Passion, Customer satisfaction and a step towards a smarter future is what drives us at Krushi- Chang harvesters. This is our commitment to create the technologies that will support the next generation of farmers.

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