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About KAW Group


KAW Group - With 6 decades of passionate, customer oriented approach, we have unrivalled expertise across Manufacturing, Automotive, Export, Leasing, Agriculture in Kolhapur, India. It all started as The Kolhapur Auto Works by its founders, late Mahadba Mestri & Panditrao Shelke in 1962. Today, we have constantly pushed the boundaries in our capacity to achieve the highest standards. We address every aspect of the business by maintaining extreme professionalism and persistence.


Late Shri Mahadba Mestri founder of Kolhapur Auto Works a pioneer industrialist was the first to develop indigenous Coal Gas Plant in India. He designed the Vishwas Oil Engine which was a famous model at that time. He was awarded the title “YANTRA MAHARSHI” for his spectacular contribution in the field of engineering. The hierarchy continued by Late Shri Panditrao Shelke whose contribution of commitment towards achieving business excellence is commendable.


Guided by a relentless focus on Quality, Technology and Automation.


K - Knowledge based manufacturing

A - Accelerated deliveries

W - Workmanship Strengthening

P - Product Diversification

L - Life time value of customers

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviours:

Build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and requirements.

Achieve our commitments for quality, cost & schedule.

Enhance the systematic research and use of best preventive practices at all levels & ensure reliable risk management.

Drive continual improvement & innovation based upon efficient business processes, well-defined measurements, best practices, state of the art machines & customer surveys.

Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment & accountability through appropriate development programs & show strong management involvement and commitment.


The last few years have brought both challenge and change for Kolhapur Auto works and the KAW Group . We adopted a corporate structure that allows us to be a more competitive business and market player. The ongoing economic and social changes have required the focused attention of all our employees to improve performance and position us for success no matter what kind of markets we encounter. We’ve made excellent progress, but we have more to do. We will continue to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our group in a sustainable way . Today KAW Group is wonderfully reshaped into one entity making Its other ventures a landmark in its own.

As we instantly navigate the short-term challenges, we will not lose sight of our long-term vision to manage to deliver superior solutions to the world.

Managing Director



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